Potatos wedges with spicy sauce & mayonnese 4.10€
Ocean mussels 6.50€
Clams with white wine 10,95€
Tallarinas 10.95€
Grilled cockles 4.95€
Grilled squid 5.25€
Fried small fish 6,50€
Fried baby squid 4.75
Cruchy prawns 5.80€
Garlic prawns 5.80€
Andalusian squid
Fried cuttlefish 4.50€
Zamburiñas 7.90€
Octopus a la Gallega style 13.95€

Grilled lobster 150 gr. unidad  9.50€           

Mixed fried (squid, cuttlefish, baby squid and prawns) 9.50€
Iberic ham 7.90€
Melted italian cheese 4.10€
Melted italian cheese with sobrasada 4,90€
"Estrellat" (Potatos, minature spicy sausage and eggs) 4.75€
Roasted peppers, zucchini and aubergine (eggplant)4.25€
Roasted peppers, zucchini and aubergine (eggplant) with goats' cheese 4.75€
Fried eggs with chips and iberic ham 7.50€
Fried green peppers 4.10€
"Chorizo" cooked with wine 3.95€
Sauteed muschroom 3.95€
Grilled king prawns(4u.) 13.95€
Grilled red prawns (6u.) 11.50
Grilled "langostinera" prawn(6u.)7.95€
Prawn carpaccio 5.25€
Bread 0.75€
Toasted bread rubbed with tomato 1.15€
All i oli 1.10


Pear and roquefort salad (lettuce, blue cheese, pear, walnut, cherrys, ham, apple vinaigrette) 8.90€

Green salad (lettuce, tomato, pepper, olives and tuna,  herbs vinaigrette) 7.50€

Mozzarella and tomato salad with pesto sauce 7.75€

Goats' cheese salad (lettuce, goat's cheese, tomato, nuts and honey vinaigrette) 8.90€

Small rolls of salmon, peppers, zucchini and aubergine 8.95€
Avocado salad, salmon and prawns
Avocado salad, salmon and prawns


Veal Entrecote with roquefort 14.95€
Baked shoulder of lamb 13.95€
Grilled lobster 150gr with fried eggs and fried patatoes 12.50€
Beef carpaccio with pistachio vinaigrette and manchego cheese 12.00€
Black rice paella 9.95€
Fideua 9.95€
Black rice paella
Black rice paella

                                             FISH & SEAFOOD                                          

Fillets of sea bass to  the donostiarra 10,90€
Grilled cuttlefish & prawns 9,75€

Seafood stew (Anglefish, cuttlefish, babysquid, king prawns, prawns, mussels & seafood sauce) 14,95€

Seafood combination (Cuttlefish, prawns, cockles, baby squid, patatoes) 12,95€

Seafood platter (Prawns, king prawns, langoustins and zamburiñas) 18,95€

Shellfish assorted for 2 persons (King prawns, "langostinera", red prawns , zamburiñas and cockles)49.50€

Mixed seafood
Mixed seafood
Assorted Shellfish
Assorted Shellfish


John Dory 9.75€
Sea bass 10.75€
Grilled monkfish with garlic and parsley 10.50€

Grillet salmon filet with mayonnaise mustard 13.50€

John Dory
John Dory


Veal entrecote 13.95€
Veal entrecote (chuletón) 500 gr. 19.50€
Lamb 14.95€
Iberic secret of pork 9.90€
Magret of duck 9.50€
Beef steack (churrasco) 8.50€
Veal entrecote
Veal entrecote